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Gravity Deluxe

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Product Description

Same recipe, different ingredients.

Introducing a limited batch of 15 units of the Gravity Deluxe.
Based on the std. Gravity v2.5 model, but with an enhanced audiophile component selection.
Gravity Deluxe Features:
  • Hi-Fi grade Amtrans AMRG carbon film resistors and AMCG metalized polypropylene film capacitors in the input stage.
  • A mix of TAKMAN (metal film and carbon film) and PR9372 (metal film) resistors in the rest of the audio circuit.
  • Wima polyester output capacitors now bypassed with MKP1837 polypropylene capacitors.
  • Klon side with an added internal dip switch for clipping diode selection, including germanium, Schottky, silicon, and open modes.
  • Design: The Gravity Deluxe comes with a gold and blue graphics.

Gravity is our take on two all-time favorite overdrive circuits, the K-style circuit and a TS10 circuit all in one enclosure! A new dual overdrive specializing in mid push, Gravity will give you the ability to cut through the mix in any situation. 

Our inspiration for this pedal lies in its name, Gravity and also by the later live lead tones of John Mayer. In particular the outro solo tone in his song "Gravity", and intro in his song "Belief", where he stacks these two pedals to obtain that signature tone with a thick wall of mids. The TS10 is often used as the main lead tone and the K-overdrive is added as a second cascading gain stage, either as a pre drive into the TS10, or as a post drive.

We have recreated the circuits in each pedal staying true to the original, but added switching options for additional tone shaping.  We have kept both buffers that were used in the original designs in order to replicate the exact interaction between the two circuits.  

The Gravity overdrive is divided into a side A (left) and a side B (right), separated by the order toggle switch in the middle which is used to flip the internal order of the effects and hence the signal path from guitar to amp.

Side A features the TS10 circuit with external knobs for DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL and a three position toggle switch labeled LOWS. The lows switch changes the bass response of the circuit. Internally you find dip switches (clipping, clarity, brightness and output boost) that further enables you to tweak your tone.

The side B features the K-circuit with external knobs for GAIN, TREBLE, OUTPUT and a two position toggle switch labeled CLIPPING. The clipping switch toggles between a pair of germanium, schottky or silicon clipping diodes, as well as an open setting with no clipping diodes. (This will get loud at higher gain settings).

Both sides can be used separately or stacked.

TRS split: Besides using the two sides of Gravity in serial mode, either A->B or A<-B, the Gravity V2 can split side A & B into separate effects. The two 1/4" jacks, which in serial mode are used for signal in and out, will in split mode serve as IN+OUT for each side.

That is done via a - TRS to 2 x TS - 1/4 " jack cable.

The right side "IN" jack is IN+OUT for side B. (TIP = in, RING = out)

The left side "OUT" jack is IN+OUT for side A. (TIP = out, RING = in)



 Side A (left)

- Replica of the TS10 audio circuit including the three transistor buffer circuit.

- RC4558 Operational Amplifier

- External three position lows toggle switch for extended low frequency response
- Internal dip switches for extended tweaking
    * Output boost (switch #4)
    * Clarity (switch #5)
    * Brightness (switch #8)
    * Clipping (switch #6 + #7)
- TRS split via dip switches (#1 + #2 + #3) 
- Original Toshiba 1s1588 silicon diodes as in the original TS10 JP 
Side B (Right)
- Replica of the K-circuit.
- External two position Clipping switch to choose between a pair of Germanium - or a pair of Schottky clipping diodes.
- The germanium diodes we use are NOS original russian NOS D9B.
External ORDER switch to choose in which order the signal passes through the two circuits.
The Gravity overdrive is built using carefully selected top shelf components:
- VISHAY 1% metalfilm resistors
- WIMA MKP10, MKS4 and FKP2 film capacitors - no electrolytes in the audio circuit.
- VIMEX sealed potentiometers
- TAIWAY Footswitch
- TAIWAY toggle switches
- Silver plated teflon insulated cable for internal wiring.
- US made DAVIES MOULDING 1470 knobs
- Dimension: 5.72 in x 4.77 in x 1.39 in (145 mm x 121 mm x 35 mm)

The Gravity requires a regulated 9-volt DC power supply with standard 2.1mm jack tip negative polarity.

The max power consumption of the Gravity is 100mA (+9VDC). If operated with a power supply with insufficient current

capabilities, it will affect the performance. So make sure your +9V-DC power supply is capable of delivering 100mA.

We recommend you to use a quality power supply with isolated outputs. The Gravity does not support battery operation.