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Meet Skyline, a versatile pedal with Timmeh topology for a range of overdrive tones, clean boost, and customizable features. Its compact design includes stacked PCBs, extra boost footswitch, and precise controls. Explore low-gain transparency to saturated overdrive with dipswitches for fine-tuning. Switchable buffer with auto true bypass adds flexibility.


What a great pedal: I've never played a Klon so I can't speak to the accuracy of it's Klon tone but this pedal does so much more with the additional tone shaping options it provides. The LF drive toggle allows you to coax out some fatter Santana-esque tones and the three clipping modes are great for getting a range of drive sounds. Fast shipping, arrived in Los Angeles in less than a week. Definitely would repeat this purchase!

Daniel. C (Reverb)

Outstanding addition to the collection. Puts the icing on the audio cake. Very high quality product and worth every penny!!

Jeff. B (Reverb)

Fantastic pedal and fantastic service!!

William. D (Reverb)

Thanks Henrik, this is a very special sounding pedal. Awesome build quality! It arrived today and I played with it for an hour straight and have only started to scratch the surface of what it's capable of! - Oh and thanks for the free strings!

Ron. F (Reverb)